Feel good bag - Love edition


Size bag: 43 x 36 cm

Size pouch: 16 x 25 cm

Material outside: smooth synthetic fiber

Material inside: nylon

Inside and outside are water resistant

Packing 1 colours x 6 pieces

Total of 6 pieces per box


4 pcs Light pink - Come as you are


I'll be me...
This soft pink bag is issued as part of our initiative 'I'll be me'. This collection originated from the desire to support people with albinism. With the proceeds from this line, we, together with our partner RillaGoRilla, are supporting the Josephat Torner Foundation Europe, which brings attention and counteracts misconceptions and violence against people with albinism.


The bag is perfect for all your little trips, but it fits more than you expect. It is the latest design in the Feel Good Family by Tinne + Mia, made from the soft vegan leather you know from our Feel Good bags. Has fluorescent accents and a cool white zipper. The inside is lined in a matching color and the shoulder strap can be adjusted to a length that you like. Wear it Cross-over or over your shoulder. And of course we have printed a nice quote on the outside: 'come as you are', which for us means something like 'You are good as you are'.


Josephat Torner Foundation Europe supports and facilitates activities of Josephat Torner, a tanzanian activist with albinism, to pursue his lifetime mission of creating a better world for peaple with albinism. Major support goes to awarness raising on albinism to demystify the deep-rooted superstition on people with albinism. Josephattornerfoundationeurope.com


Wholesale €15,20

(Advice) retail €34,95

Feel Good Bag / I'll be me, light pink (6pcs)

SKU: 1502059
  • It's smooth bag that wears as a garment. Made from a synthetic fiber (PU) that feels like soft leather and is lined with a nice matching colored material. The bag is folded and wrapped in a pretty minimalistic clutch, made from the same material. You can use it as bag-in-the-bag for example. Every bag and clutch has a little Feel-Good-quote, printed on the outside.