Envelope Bag Graphic Botanique


This bag is perfect for all your small trips, but it fits more than you expect. The outside is made of vegan leather. The inside is made of a soft fabric that protects your belongings well. You will be surprised by this bag when you open it by the botanical print. The print was made in collaboration with Maartje van den Noort for the Graphic Botanique collection.

Packing 5 colour x 2 pieces
total of 10 pieces per box

1502109 - 2 pcs Biscotti

1502110 - 2 pcs Peach bloom

1502111 - 2 pcs Chocolate red

1502112 - 2 pcs Carbon

1502113 - 2 pcs Black

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(advice) retail €24,95

Envelope bag Graphic Botanique

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