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This embroidered pin in the shape of a rose pink heart has been published as part of our 'I'll be me' initiative. This collection originated from the desire to support people with albinism. With the proceeds of this line we support, together with our partner RillaGoRilla, the Josephat Torner Foundation Europe that brings misconceptions and violence against people with albinism in Africa to the attention and counteracts.


The Josephat Torner Foundation Europe supports and facilitates activities of Josephat, a Tanzanian activist with albinism, to pursue his lifelong mission to create a better world for people with albinism. Great support goes to awareness raising on albinism to demystify the deep-rooted superstition that prevails over people with albinism.



size 35 x 35 mm / embroidered in neon pink and white / metal pin on the backside to pin it



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Embroidered Pin I'll be me (5pcs.)

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