Cross body feelgood baggy - forest tones (12 pcs.)


Size bag: 20 x 27 cm

Material outside: smooth pu*)

Material inside: nylon

Adjustable shoulder strap of 130 cm

Closure with a zipper

Inside and outside are water resistant


Cross body feelgood baggy - forest tones


4 colours x 3 pieces
Total of 12 pieces per box


1502120 - 3 pcs Java brown

1502121 - 3 pcs Deep forest

1502122- 3 pcs Black

1502123 - 3 pcs Autumn leaf


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Cross Body Feelgood baggy - Forest tones (12 pcs.)

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  • This serie is made of lightweight and durable PU*) and is lined with a nice matching colored material. She's the little sister of the Feel Good Bag, packed in a graphic banderol. Every bag (except the perforated version) has a little Feel Good quote, printed on the outside.