Feel good bags forest tones


Size bag: 43 x 36 cm

Size pouch: 16 x 25 cm

Material outside: smooth synthetic fiber

Material inside: nylon

Inside and outside are water resistant


A set contains 4 colours, 3x each colour


1502115 - 3 pcs Java brown

1502116 - 3 pcs Deep forest

1502117 - 3 pcs Autumn leaf

1502118 - 3 pcs Black


Wholesale €12,75
(Advice) retail €29,95

Feel good bag Forest tones 12pcs

SKU: 1502114
  • It's smooth bag that wears as a garment. Made from a synthetic fiber (PU) that feels like soft leather and is lined with a nice matching colored material. The bag is folded and wrapped in a pretty minimalistic clutch, made from the same material. You can use it as bag-in-the-bag for example. Every bag and clutch (except the perforated version) has a little Feel-Good-quote, printed on the outside.